Tuesday, March 21, 2006

apparently i have a bad personality and character

today i was IMing this guy friend of mine. though friend would probably be stretching it.. i got to know him 3 years ago through some random friends of friends while i was holidaying in australia. even then we didn’t talk much except for the odd IM.

so anyway it was one of those odd IM days. and the thing i’ve noticed bout him is that whenever we chat, he always asks if I’m single. and no, i don’t think he’s interested in me. i almost get the vibe that i’m his benchmark. his sign that it’s okay that he’s still single.

per usual our conversation veered towards the relationship talk…

guy: have you found your knight in shining armour?
jo: haha! nope… what bout you? have you found your damsel in distress?
guy: no one wants me
jo: it’s not like i have a lot of choices either
guy: girls always have people chasing them
guy: i’m not saying a lot… i have none
jo: well guys have to go and chase
guy: if you don’t have many it’s most likely becos of you
guy: your character

hold up!

now this should be interesting right? i’ve wondered before if there’s maybe something wrong with me that everyone else sees but me. and right here and now, he’s providing a possible reason…

jo: whoa! what’s wrong with my character?
guy: something is wrong
jo: thanks man… not helping here
guy: i’m going to study more and compile then tell you
guy: character must be outgoing… concerned bout people, have self confidence etc etc
guy: research is not complete
guy: ‘coz i know of girls who are not pretty with many people chasing them

jo: well of ‘coz personality and character are important
guy: then you lose out
jo: so basically you’re saying that my personality and character is bad?
guy: i didn’t say bad. i said lose out
jo: so yeah your point is that i’m not outgoing enough, not concerned bout people enough and don’t have enough self confidence??
guy: should be sufficient as a normal girl
guy: but to be outstanding, i don’t think so

jo: you know that i’m almost amused by this right?
jo: ‘coz it’s not like you really know me anyway

guy: nah… i know you well enough
guy: see a person once
guy: see them all
guy: from the way you speak
guy: from your IM nicknames
guy: haha! think i’m a psycho hahaha!

jo: you are! haha!
jo: you think you know me… but ahh… i’m multi-faceted

guy: i know you’re outgoing and have a certain level of self confidence
guy: but you’re not whiny enough
guy: must act girly too
guy: it’s a matter of playing the game

aha! so it’s that darn non-whininess of mine that’s causing me to scare away the men. oh yes, now i aim to win with whines. hang on, let me remove my brain and backbone first while i’m at it.

i decided that it was time to put mr. relationship guru here on the hot seat…

jo: so why do you think you’re single?
guy: ‘coz i’m not a bad boy
guy: i’m too good of a person
guy: almost a saint in this era

so it’s not ‘coz he might diss a non-whiny girl saying that she had poor personality and character?

i might have took some offence to all this but i was too busy being amused.



At 10:57 PM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

No no, amused is the only thing you should feel! He is so wrong, ha! Need to act more girly? Sure, some guys like that but not all. And doesn't whine enough? He is delusional!

At 11:49 PM, Blogger Elle said...

Any guy that wants a woman to revert to being a whiny, girly, game-player clearly has NO CLUE what he's talking about.

No wonder he's still single!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Larissa said...

next time don't even bother with conversations like that. like he's an expert? pshah!

At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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