Saturday, April 15, 2006

i think i have a lucky bracelet

recently my mom has picked up the art of jewellery making. and she made me a lovely purple beaded bracelet for me. i don't think she realised that it's starting to look like that's my lucky bracelet.

i've only worn it twice so far. the first time was 2 saturdays ago. and the second time was on thursday. and both times when i was out partying. and both times i've met new guys.

the yummy mommy and i met up on thursday for a lil ladies night free drinks and fun. and fun we were certainly having, just dancing it up. then she ran into an australian guy that she and my party girl had met previously in another club. we got introduced but since i thought that he had only just picked her up, i didn't care too much and continued dancing and doing my own thing. it was only later that the guy and i got a chance to talk a lil that i warmed up to him more. he was from a part of australia that is close to my heart so that was a starting point of conversation for us. it didn't take too long before australian psychologist guy told me that he felt like he wanted to talk to me more and asked me for my number. though not before he was all huggy veggy with me and after he asked for a kiss. i gave him my number and left soon after. he texted me almost immediately and again the next day hinting that he wanted to meet up by asking me when i wanted to come by to collect my easter eggs. i was hanging out with some friends and not in a flirty mood so i didn't take the bait and told him that i was going for a movie. he seems pretty cool though. not my type but i wouldn't mind talking to him. afterall he's from a part of australia close to my heart. besides i'm such a sucker for the australian accent.

yes, it must be all that bracelet's doing...



At 10:16 PM, Blogger Thomas said...

Hello from Seattle.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Thomas said...

Where can we pick up one of these?

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