Monday, May 08, 2006

back in the game

after last week's hiatus, i was glad to get back on track with my social life.

the weekend was filled with the usual partying kind of fun with my party girl and the yummy mommy. along the way we were joined by some guys that we know. lately i find that i can't go out without running into all the same people.

you know how it is when you can't be bothered and then all of a sudden the guys come flocking? well it was kinda the case with me this weekend. the 2 guys i already sorta know seemed to be flirting a lil with me and then there were some random guys who asked me to dance or offered to buy me a drink. but i couldn't quite be bothered though i have to admit that the one who offered to buy me a drink was cute. but i was already sufficiently fueled up and in fact getting ready to call it a night.

however on the flipside, the ones who i thought were somewhat interesting didn't quite give me the time of day. okay so we managed to have some conversation and things seemed to be going well but that was bout it. nothing too interesting. oh well...

anyhow fun times with my girls is always great.



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