Tuesday, April 25, 2006

rounds of birthday celebrations

it's my party girl's birthday. and she has decided that she wants to celebrate it for a week. which basically means crazy times.

it started on friday. my party girl, the yummy mommy and i went to the usual pub that we frequent. of 'coz who should i meet but not-so-shy texan. i told him that he must be stalking me 'coz i'm seeing him everywhere. later in the nite he asked why is it that we never went out, i told him straight up that he said that he had deleted my number. he admitted that he still had my number stored in his laptop and said that he'd contact me. well we'll see. anyhow i was having fun that nite. the australian psychologist guy texted me and we were flirting through text messaging. and i was also talking to a few other guys including one married guy who kept telling me how i was his type and that he couldn't understand how an attractive woman like me was single. yeah well... married. so not going there.

the partying continued on saturday. the 3 of us started out at our usual pub again. we hung out with some of the regular guys. later all of us proceeded to a club to dance it out. i really needed to dance and was just having a lot of fun. somehow i wound up dancing with one of the guys who we were there with. i think it started 'coz we realised that the buttons on his shirt were easy to open... so i was unbuttoning and buttoning his shirt haha! there was this guy who came up to me and told me that i was his type. is that the latest pick up line? his wife also told me that that was her husband. well married is definitely not my type. so i called him on him being married and that he should be telling his wife that she's his type. i also danced with this brazilian guy. we lost each other for a bit but when i was on the way out of the club, we ran into each other. and then we kissed. it was really random. i didn't even know his name. crazy times.

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