Tuesday, April 18, 2006

it's a small world afterall

this place i call home is waay too small...

what are the chances that on saturday night i'd run into not-so-shy texan again?? he was sitting outside a bar when i walked past with my friend hunnybear. i had just sat for hours in a hair salon accompanying my friend hunnybear while she got her hair cut, dyed and highlighted. and by then i was basically starving. so let's just say that while i did the nice thing of stopping by to say hey to not-so-shy texan, i wasn't exactly looking to hang around too long.

we kinda picked up from where we last left off which was comedy night. he said that he was waiting for me to text him to tell him how comedy night was. i'm just amazed that he seems to have forgotten that he was the one who said that he was deleting my number... how did he think i'd respond to that? of 'coz i deleted his number as well. if he really wanted to, he could have asked for my number again faking some excuse and i would have probably pretended that i didn't know the real reason for the loss of my number and give it to him again.

afterall it seems like i'm not gonna be getting rid of this one if i keep seeing him everywhere.



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