Monday, May 15, 2006

the problem with setups

when you're in your mid 20s and still single, chances are high that you'd come across a few well-meaning friends who offer to set you up with their friends and their friends' friends. i've learnt to accept that that's just something some friends are gonna offer to do. and i don't actually have a big problem with set-ups. as long as it's done properly.

on her own accord, my oldest school friend has been searching around for guys to introduce to me. and let's just say that as a matchmaker, she's not the most subtle one around.

she's once tried to set me up with her then boyfriend's old school friend. it was weird 'coz basically she made the poor guy walk in the middle of us. and she kept pushing us together like to buy our food or something. he was nice and all but i think we just didn't really click.

lately she's been trying to set me up with her ex boyfriend's (who is now her best friend) fellow biker friend. but so far we haven't found a time. but what happened over this weekend was that i got introduced to another fellow biker friend of her best friend. it wasn't planned. we were just all in the same place at the same time, drinking, singing karaoke and playing pool.

but how she introduced us was totally odd. she asked biker tech guy if he was single and he said yes. then she pointed to me and said "she's single too". er... thanks... i'm a believer that when it comes to setups, it shouldn't be a just 'coz you're single, he's single, therefore you guys should meet kinda thing. there should be a lil bit more of a thought process going on. evidently that isn't the case with my oldest school friend.

well biker tech guy turned out to be pretty nice and fun to talk to. though i'm not sure if maybe he striked up a conversation with me 'coz he felt 'obligated' to.

just when i thought my oldest school friend would rest happy. she decided to take pics of us together and then proceed to chide him for not asking for my number yet. er... i'm pretty sure he can decide for himself... anyway he did sorta ask for my number though it was so jokingly that i honestly missed it and thought it was a joke. now on hindsight i hope he didn't think i was dissing him. i would have given him my number 'coz i think he's cool. though it's not like i'm fawning over him or whatever. anyway the good thing with friends' friends is that you always get a do-over. all i have to do is to ask my oldest school friend to set it up so that biker tech guy and i can hang out in a group again. not that i've even decided that that's what i'm gonna do.



At 3:44 AM, Blogger Vixen said...

Wow, she really isn't trying to be subtle at all! Sheesh!

At 3:07 PM, Blogger RockO said...

yikes....those are the friends you have that you love for other reasons...but yeah...that was awkward.


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