Tuesday, May 09, 2006

damn his name

you how sometimes you can't help but just get continually reminded bout someone in the past. and you hate it 'coz there's nothing good there and you don't ever want to see that offending person ever again in your life. well today was one of those days.

i was going bout doing my work in the office when somehow every other work thing i chanced upon had prick04's name in it. i can't quite explain exactly what i mean without disclosing his name but let's just say that his name is a name of a famous brand.

so there i was doing my thing... and his name kept popping up everywhere. it was annoying. i couldn't even just forget and not think bout him even if i wanted to.

i just realised that it's been exactly 2 months since the last time we contacted. the night of that kiss. and subsequent run. i'm just so glad that the whole too-long drama going on with prick04 for the last too-many years has finally ended. with the conclusion that i came to a few years ago... that he's a prick.

but even though i'm totally over all this crap, i much preferred if i never have to see him ever again... and that includes his name.



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