Thursday, June 22, 2006

it's ladies nite

last nite's mid-week ladies nite drinking was pretty impromptu.

i was out having dinner with my oldest school friend as well some other friends when we decided to try out this relatively new place where supposedly they were giving free chocolate fondue and cosmos to the ladies before 9pm. the place is pretty cozy and the cosmos strong though i didn't see a chocolate fondue in sight and the service is so backed up that they don't clear the table. which is why they ran out of glasses. they ran out of glasses! can you imagine??

anyway by 9.30pm we were outta there and heading to our usual ladies nite haunt. seems that my best friend and her friend had the same idea. so we all joined forces and it was pretty fun. everyone got along and had a good time.

i was being good. i only had bout 7 drinks. and then it was time to hit the dance floor with a passion. after a while there was this guy who came up behind me and was dancing with me. he didn't exactly grab me so i didn't bother too much bout him. but when i wanted to go back to my table, he grabbed my hand and told me not to leave. i just told him that i wanted to take a break so i left. while i was sitting at my table, this other guy came up to me. my friends told me that he had been eyeing me for a while. he was pretty nice. a nice young german intern. who for the life of me i couldn't get his name. we exchanged numbers and for some strange reason me not knowing his name bothered me enough to text him to ask. it turned out to be a nice, normal, easy to remember name. i can't imagine why i didn't hear it the first time. well the club must have been too noisy.



At 9:38 PM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

hahah 7 drinks...I've been too poor lately for 7 drinks.


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