Monday, June 05, 2006

meeting not-so-shy texan

on saturday nite i met up with not-so-shy texan.

it didn't start out too well. when he first asked me out earlier in the week and i replied that i was good to go, he didn't reply which kinda left me wondering if we were actually still up for it or not. the next day he confirmed the meeting up and set the time as 7pm. i said that i would be around town area in the afternoon 'coz of my friend's wedding. that area of town is incidentally near his place. but what happened on the day itself was that he was an hour late. not exactly the best first impression to make on our first meeting up.

the rest of the nite went pretty well though. we had pizza and happy hour drinks at a club and then proceeded to carry on staying there till 1.30am. we talked, laughed and made fun of other people by making up their conversations from afar.

all in all i suppose i had a pretty good time.

though remind me the next time that going to a club as a 'date' with a guy is never a good idea.



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