Monday, June 12, 2006

world cup fever

and the world cup fever has hit.

i spent the entire weekend watching the world cup. and somehow i still managed to have some drama and excitment thrown in along the way.

on friday nite i ran into a guy friend i hadn't seen in ages. i first met him when he was dj-ing at the pub i frequent. we'd flirt and all that but even though he said that he wanted to ask me out, he never actually did. whatever. besides it's not like his nite job schedule fit in well with my day job schedule. but there was this time when i invited him to join me and my friends in another pub and he actually specially made his way there. that was a long time ago which was why i was surprised when he brought it up again that nite. we were just chatting and by that i mean we were dissing each other and giving each other attitude 'coz that's just what we do together. then suddenly he brought up that incident. he said that he went all the way there to see me and i was with other guys. yeah i was. but i was talking to 'em. and besides when he came, i made sure i spent time with him. so i don't really see why he would be upset bout it. and he never mentioned it to me at all until now. half a year later. i'm not entirely sure what he was trying to say but i almost got the feeling that he was trying to say that he did like me but thought that i was a flirt. goodness i was just talking to those guys. besides as i told him, he kept saying he wanted to ask me out but never did. guys...

on saturday i had an impromptu outing with the online friend. actually he wasn't the one who arranged it but another friend of his and my online good friend who i have also been talking to. it turned into yet another united nations gathering with representatives from england, scotland, austria, america, hungary, brunei and singapore. it was a really fun time. by the end of the nite we wound up partying. and i met this new zealander guy. he seemed nice. even though we exchanged numbers as an almost after thought (as in he left and then came back) but at least he texted me which is more than i can say for some other guys... we'll see...

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