Thursday, June 15, 2006

what's my age again?

by the end of this month, both of my closest colleagues will be leaving the company. it's kinda sad 'coz in the last 2 years i've grown pretty close to both of 'em. who will i have lunch with? who will i have to talk bout random happenings to? it's sad.

so the 3 of us decided to head out for some mid-week ladies nite drinking.

it was fun. we all had copious amounts to drink. i had what's beginning to look like my trend of 10 drinks. my crazy colleagues were even worst, chalking up the amount to 13 drinks each. we all danced it out and had great fun.

strangely there were very few men but one did come up and talk to me while me and one of my colleagues were waiting in line for our drinks. he was very direct. he just turned, saw me and came over to introduce himself.

guy: hi! i'm xxx (for the life of me i have no idea what's his name and i was fully sober)
jo: hi! i'm jo

guy: are you a gymnast or a sports woman?
jo: haha! no no... i just like to work out
guy: so how old are you?
jo: dude you can't ask a woman her age
guy: i'm 28
jo: well i'm younger than you

by then i had gotten my drink so i just turned and left.



At 4:02 AM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

I'm supposed to go out with work people sometime...should be interesting.


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