Thursday, June 01, 2006

the mid-week guys

after a week of drinking hiatus, i feel like my limit has lowered. which probably wasn't all that good since yesterday was ladies nite which means free drinks. okay well so the yummy mommy and i went to a club where the free drinks came with a cover charge price but whatever.

i had fun the way fun was intended to be had. just that wee bit tipsy to have a really good time and just dance it out. it's been a while since i danced it out so it was great to finally actually do that.

while i wasn't on the dance floor, i was trying to get drinks at the bar. i was there often enough that a guy sitting in his lonesome by the bar started talking to me. his opening line was that i looked serious. yeah that's a real pickup line to get the girls falling at your feet. besides i was trying to get a drink. of 'coz i'm serious bout getting that damn drink. what i told him instead was that that was my i'm-having-fun face. he laughed and told me that i was different from other girls. oh well. he seemed nice.

i ran into not-so-shy texan again. he's always at that club on wednesday nites. this time he asked for my number again. he claimed that he changed his number and lost mine. yeah well he must have forgotten that he told me that he was deleting my number. anyway i gave him my number again. i didn't bother getting his. he'd call me if he wants to.

just when i was talking bout how giving me your namecard doesn't mean you don't have to ask for my number, a guy gave me his namecard. apparently he's a friend of a friend of a friend. 'coz my friend told me that he thought that i was cute. he was sitting right across the dance floor with his friends at that time. i didn't even know which guy he was. later he came over to introduce himself. we chatted for a bit. he's an english guy. he seemed cool. but instead of asking for my number, he gave me his namecard and told me to email him. i wasn't intending to contact him. and now even if i wanted to, i can't. 'coz i somehow managed to lose his card. i put it in the side pocket of my bag and somehow it must have fallen out. it's not the first time things have miraculously disappeared. i have to stop putting things in that side pocket of my bag.

so by 12.30am the yummy and i decided to call it a night. we both needed to up for work the next day and actually function (relatively) efficiently. on the way out we were stopped when this guy started talking to me. a few minutes later his 2 friends joined him and one of his friends was pretty cute and we started making eye contact with each other. then he came by and talked to me while the other 2 guys talked to the yummy mommy. we found out that they were french guys. young french guys. younger than me. somehow i always wind up liking the young ones. oh well... the cute french guy and i exchanged numbers. though it was really his friend (the first guy who i talked to) who 'pushed' us to. he told me that he wanted to give me cute french guy's number and asked if i wanted it. i told him sure but that cute french guy was a big boy and could ask for my number himself if he wanted to. so that's what cute french guy did. take out his phone and got my number. usually i don't get the guy's number but what happened this time was that i was having problems working his phone model that i told him to just give me his number and i'd give him a missed call on the spot. i'm tempted to drop him a text. but i think i shall just hold it out. the yummy mommy got the other 2 french guys' numbers and we talked bout meeting up again over the weekend of something. cute french guy said that he might be out of town though. well we'll see how it goes...

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