Sunday, August 20, 2006

birthday celebration round 4 (the real real deal)

in the end i decided to swing by the party zone on friday.

we were at the new old pub and it turned out to be the true birthday party. an aussie guy acquaintance i hadn't seen in a while was there celebrating his birthday. incidentally our birthdays are just a day apart. and he had brought with him his gang of aussie guy friends, some of who i've met before.

i had a really great time. i was drinking, laughing and chatting with friends and some random people. as per tradition, birthday people get a waterfall. and then there was a tequila bottle being passed around by the birthday boy. and of 'coz there were my usual vodkas some of which the aussie analyst was supplying me.

so who is this aussie analyst? well he's actually a friend of the birthday boy who i've met on several occasions before. we've never actually chatted much previously but somehow that night we were getting along really well. when he first saw me, he came over to wish me and have a chat. and then he got distracted by another friend of his who came by and talked to him. it was then that i went off to be with my friends and then to chat with these other guys. one was a basketball player all of 6'8". i'm hardly considered short but i felt soo short next to him. the other guy was his sports lawyer. that guy was married (and even found it necessary to point it out to me by showing me his ring) but was hitting on me. he kept telling me how i was one of the hottest girls he's ever seen and how i'm working it so well. i thought he was laying it on pretty thick and pretty soon i decided to leave 'em.

i moved over to the table where some of my girls were and hung around there for a bit. then the aussie analyst pulled up a chair next to me and we chatted more. then 2 other guys came by and one of 'em started talking to him. what's up with these guys and interrupting conversations between me and the aussie analyst? well after a while the aussie analyst was back to talking with me and we had a great conversation bout work. i must admit that i was impressed with his intellect. not many people i meet in the club are all that willing to have a serious conversation (or any conversation at all for that matter) and not many people in general understand the industry i'm in. but yet he was asking all these intelligient questions and seemed to possess a pretty good amount of knowledge.

then came the time for free drinks and we all got distracted to the bar. but by then we started giving each other these looks. you know, the more intense eye contact looks. and then somehow he wound up by my side with our arms around each other. and then there were those lil touches. where he stroked the skin on the small of my back and i ran my fingers up and down his back. we still continued to have normal conversations. then those lil touches got hotter. but our conversation still remained normal. i'm pretty sure that everyone else in the bar knew what was going on. we just never said anything out of the ordinary.

my girls decided to head to another club but it was late and i needed to be up the next day so i decided to stay right where i was and then head off with the aussie analyst. while we were in the taxi, he grabbed my thigh and pulled me closer to him and then he kissed me. whoa baby. it was hot. he asked me to go home with him but i declined, so i just dropped him off at his place and headed back alone.

i can't help but replay the whole night in my head. i've always been attracted to him physically. he's remarkably good looking for a guy of 40 years. and at that age, he's definitely the oldest guy i've 'been with'. but then again it's been so long since i last kissed someone that i was actually really attracted to. and that sexy aussie accent. i love aussie accents. and coupled with his nice low voice was really attractive.

after that lil episode in the taxi, he asked for my number and later he texted me. i haven't heard from him since. i'm not sure where this may or may not go but i'm hoping that it goes a lil somewhere at least. 'coz i sure wouldn't mind kissing him again. mmm mmm...



At 2:53 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Guess now you have something more to celebrate Jo ;) I mean it is not often you find a guy you connect with in so many different ways – intellectually but also physically. And the fact that he has a voice that makes you shiver isn’t something you should neglect. So I’d say, you go girl. No wait, what happened to the London guy?

PS. Sorry to play the Devils Advocate, but somehow I feel the LG deserves my sympathy


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