Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i like him, i like him not

out of office eye candy was once posted to help out in my department. before that, we had already been getting along well. but in the few months that he was sitting right next to me, we started getting along even better. it's pretty obvious that we have this rapport. we're always joking, teasing and talking to each other. though the downer is that he has a girlfriend.

today the boss man and i went out of office to a site to help out with some stuff. it so happened that out of office eye candy was there. i don't see him very often even though he does call me relatively often for work related stuff which usually progresses into some friendly chitchat. so i took the opportunity to talk to him like we always do. my boss man knows that out of office eye candy and i are friendly like that but he couldn't resist telling me jokingly not to stand there and look at out of office eye candy. of which i retorted that i wasn't looking at him but i was talking to him. the boss man then took a jibe at out of office eye candy and he replied that it was after office hours so now i was his friend.

that felt nice. hearing him say that i was his friend. i definitely like this guy and yes i do have a crush on him. is it too much to ask that his girlfriend be sent to alaska? haha! but no matter what, i still want to be friends with him. though i'm afraid that it might be hard should we no longer work for the same company.


as sorta predicted, there could be potential trouble with the guy from new york...

he asked to add me on IM and we have chatted briefly. that in itself isn't too much of a problem. except that our conversations have been a lil strange and making me feel a lil uncomfy. it's not IM sex or anything but there are certainly lil inneundoes there. and he has a girlfriend and even if he didn't, something bout him is making me feel increasingly uncomfy. his girlfriend is a bi and he seemed surprised that i wasn't even though i'm sure i never gave any signs that i was into girls. he thought he saw us girls were kissing that night. it must have been his imagination... or maybe hope? i don't know... he seems potentially shady...


my strange guy friend strange as he is always provides me with such strange entertainment. here's another one of our strange conversations:

strange guy friend: bang bang bang
strange guy friend: happy birthday!!!!
jo: aww thanks! you're a day early though haha!
strange guy friend: i know
strange guy friend: i was browsing through *a friends network site*
strange guy friend: you're not bad looking
strange guy friend: you must be rejecting suitors
jo: haha! thanks! but actually i'm not rejecting suitors... none at the moment

well i guess it was nice that he thought i was cute enough to be rejecting suitors...

strange guy friend: hahaha
strange guy friend: then you must have a bad attitude
strange guy friend: no one dares to approach you
strange guy friend: hahaha

there it goes again... that bad attitude he's accused me of having before... what's the deal? and thanks a lot for being so happy to say that to me...

jo: do i seem like i have a bad attitude and am unapproachable??
strange guy friend: looks dear... looks
strange guy friend: heehee
strange guy friend: put on a smile and play with your hair when you see a cute guy

is he kidding me??

jo: hahaha! i'm not exactly that kind...
jo: but i'm not unfriendly...
strange guy friend: i know
strange guy friend: but you don't look approachable
strange guy friend: it's the cool look, you know

jo: gosh! but i'm so uncool haha!

apparently through him i'm learning all my faults... and all the reasons why i'm still single... all this from a guy who barely even knows me...

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At 2:27 AM, Anonymous TravelGirlDC said...

I think all guys want all girls to be bi because they think it is hot. Even if you say explicitly NO to the contrary. It goes along with how so many guys believe NO sex, well okay maybe just a little sex...

At 4:48 AM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

I love the names you have for people. They're basic and descriptive, yet still funny.

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Maybe the unapproachable thing has more to do with being sleek, sophisticated and incredibly hot. No, I'm serious! My mom always calls it "The Pretty Girl Syndrome." Boys have a hard time talk/approaching attractive women because they're afraid of rejection.


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