Sunday, February 04, 2007

smile an everlasting smile

yesterday night was my foray back into the world of partying since i was warded. this time it was with my best friend, her sister, her cousin (both of whom i'm pretty close to), another friend of ours as well as my best friend's cousin's boyfriend and his friends.

i admit i was a lil nervous at first 'coz the last time i partied with those guys i wound up getting kinda close to one of 'em. despite him asking for my number we never contacted until new year's eve when he texted me. by then i had already auditted his number outta my phone book so it was kinda a surprise. in a friendly gesture, i decided to text him to ask how come he wasn't out with the guys and found out that he was down with a bad cough.

anyhow i had my fair share of fun.

there was this guy near our table who kept on smiling at me. and then throughout the night there were another 2 guys who kept smiling at me too. but this is the thing i don't get. sure they keep looking over and smiling, and i do my fair share of looking over and smiling back. you would think that's a friendly and inviting sign. but they don't come over and talk to me. and unless i'm really tipsy and bored, i'm probably not going to go over and talk to 'em.

well in the end i decided that the first guy was a total player. and then between the other 2, one eventually came over to talk to me whereas the other one still kept on looking my way even while i was talking to the other guy.

the guy i was talking to turned out to be pretty nice... and also really young. he's 21 which makes him a whopping 6 years younger than me. i've always liked younger guys but i think this might take the cake. turns out he usually meets older women though i'm the oldest. we kinda got on pretty well and even after we went our separate ways, we were texting till 5.30am. somewhere along the way he asked if he could come over or if i could pop over to his place. that must be the difference between younger men and older men. older men just ask you over there and then whereas younger men ask you later when you've already left. oh well anyhow that's not really my thing anyway.

he hasn't asked me out and i don't even know if he will so we'll just see how things go...

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