Saturday, January 20, 2007

times like these

obviously no one told someone that you can't ask someone for their hospital ward number and then don't visit or send flowers or whatever. i was perfectly okay with the fact that he replied to my text message and inquired how i was. then he asked for my hospital ward number. and that made me anticipate him visiting me, sending me flowers... something. but that didn't happen. even though he did reply after i texted him to let him know that i was discharged.

sometimes it's times like these when you know who are the people who truly care.

i'm not writing off someone as an uncaring person 'coz at least he did reply. i'm just noting that he has more growing up to do. (side note: i just read from his blog that he's intending to join the same triathlon i'm interested in this year. it will be his second triathlon. i was already impressed when he went for his first sprint triathlon last year. now he's going for the olympic distance. wow! i'm really impressed. i myself am definitely not ready for that...)

pool boy remembered to text me the day before i was warded. i didn't expect that. he does continue to surprise me a lil. he didn't follow up after though. i told out of office eye candy at the last minute and he replied but that was it. i guess i would have expected a lil bit more given that we have a fair bit of work interaction and we're also somewhat friends. i told another guy colleague that i'm pretty close to at the last minute as well and he followed up with me a few days later apologising that he didn't have the time to visit me but was hoping that i was doing well. and perhaps even more strange was that the key account executive actually called me minutes before i was warded 'coz he just saw my email. that i totally didn't expect.

but it's also times like these where you realise that all this doesn't always matter as long as you've got the people closest to you by your side... gotta love family and friends.

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At 2:10 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

I hate it when someones ask for information that's indicating they are about to go that extra mile for you, and then they don't do it...

It should be illegal. Ask a girl her ward number, and don't go to visit her, and you've just put your name up on the list of "People to shoot" - free of charges, off course.

At 4:42 AM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Ummm, have i missed something, why were you warded? Yupp, its in time of need when you can seperate the pearls from the pebbles.

A "How you doin" can last for so long...

At 11:50 PM, Blogger emma5 said...

Oh, I kissed someone with a girlfriend. Seriously, give pool boy a chance, and forget this someone character. One day you're going to realise that the addiction of being constantly hopeful and disappointed just isn't worth it. I was involved in that for a while, and I can honestly say, [b]never again[/b].


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