Saturday, January 13, 2007

the three musketeers again

after a long period of being mia, the yummy mommy was back in action with my party girl and i. and when us 3 girls get together, it's always a fun and crazy time.

we started out just chilling out over dinner with a long chat regarding my party girl's recent breakup. and then we moved on to our usual activities.

we decided to head to this bar where we used to frequent. they were having free flow champagne for the ladies. it was there that we ran into aussie someone lookalike. he had been drinking since 4pm and was sufficiently drunk by the time we got there. he kept on telling me how gorgeous i looked, pulling me to dance and brushing my hair behind my ears. he also said that the thing he regretted most was that we never did anything. he then further explained that he meant that we never went out, had dinner or watched a movie. he claimed that he had asked me out once before and i turned him down and since he's not a persistant kinda guy, he never asked again. he seemed hurt when he said that. now i really don't remember him ever asking me out. i only remember that the last time we ran into each other and he asked me for my phone number again, he didn't contact me.

later us 3 girls moved on over to another bar just down the road that we used to frequent. it's the place where the dj guy is now working as the bartender (so technically he's not really the dj guy anymore...). i admit that part of me wants to go to that bar to see him. there's just something bout him that draws me. i think it's 'coz of the attitude we give to each other. the lil flirtations like how we'll look at each other from across the bar or that he'll occasionally come round and give me a hug and our goodbye kiss on the lips. and yet that's all it ever is. we don't actually keep in touch at all. each almost waiting for the other to be the first to contact but neither really bothering too much. and yet when we're face to face. i can count on the attitude and him playing my game too well. and the attraction.

i met this younger guy at that bar who shared someone's name and worked in a sports environment which of 'coz interested me to no end. he's nice and all though not exactly my type. but 'coz of his tongue stud, i found myself almost wanting to kiss him just to find out what's it like. well i didn't get the chance but should i meet him again and if i'm feeling sufficiently bold (read: tipsy), maybe i might. but how on earth do a girl ask a guy to kiss her anyway? or do i just push him against a wall and go for it? haha! it would have been better if i was actually into that guy but it's just that tongue stud... i guess you might say it's kind of a fantasy of mine.

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