Saturday, February 10, 2007

the young ones

when i head out pubbing, i'm not really used to everyone just sitting around, chilling out and listening to the live band. but last night's pub was all of that. and it was nice. when the live band finished it's last set by 1.15am, everyone made their way out.

i was chatting with my friends and starting to make my way home when i received a text message...

the youngest one: u clubbing tonight?

i didn't expect him to text me but i can't say i was entirely surprised 'coz since i met him in the club last saturday, we've been texting and IMing a few times.

jo: i was at *insert name of pub i was just at*... now heading back. what bout you?
the youngest one: *insert name of club we met in*... i heard you are making a pit stop here
jo: haha! dude i'm going home sweet home... :p it's gonna be a long day tomorrow so i gotta get my sleep on
the youngest one: but u can sleep at 3... don't you wanna see me? cos i wanna see u
jo: aww... we can always arrange to see each other another time...
the youngest one: how about tomorrow.. but not in a club

so we made some rough plans for dinner though they aren't exactly confirmed unless he calls me like he said he would.

we texted a lil more before it started getting a lil more suggestive when i realised that he's probably had a lil too much to drink. he told me that he's thinking of getting a new bike soon and might name his new bike after me. then in response to his question why i was going to have a long day, i told him that i had to train for some sport, he then suggested that we could practice in bed. i was a lil stunned but told him that that wasn't going to happen. he then apologised saying that he's actually very shy when he doesn't drink and that he likes me. he also asked if i would be willing to take him in if he couldn't go home. i told him that i wasn't a booty call.

so am i offended? actually not really. i guess i just wrote it all off that he was tipsy. it's just funny to hear all that when i'm really sober.

45 mins after we stopped texting, he called me on the way home. i was just drifting off to sleep but still relatively alert. we chatted for half an hour before i pleaded exhaustion and ended the call.

today i received a text...

the youngest one: sorry about the rubbish last night... haha...
jo: haha! no worries... it ws rather amusing...

a part of me is actually curious as to what he's really like when he's sober. i usually tend to like shy guys. but that said, he's really so young... too young...



i had the feeling that we wouldn't be able to have dinner as supposedly planned. but when he spent a fair amount of time texting me in the afternoon, i thought i would be proven wrong.

but i wasn't.

at 8pm he told me that he couldn't make it. that's kinda after the usual dinner time. thankfully i had already anticipated it earlier and grabbed my own dinner.

lately things that have happened have been proving that i really need to keep all expectations in check. i will write bout it soon... i'm just trying to get the nerve to post it...



At 9:22 PM, Blogger emma5 said...

If you keep thinking someone's going to cancel on you, or let you down, then chances are that will happen, because that's the energy you're putting out there. You need to be more positive Jo.


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