Friday, February 09, 2007

vday almost date

it wasn't even 9am when my phone chirped informing me of a new text message.

pool boy: hey, made any plans for v day? if not, wanna get together?"


seriously that was exactly the first thought that went through my mind.

i'm one of 'em weird ones who has issues with going out on vday with a guy i'm not committed to. there's just too much pressure. dinner is too expensive. and there are too many couples vying for the most romantic lovebirds and biggest bouquets contest. i don't feel like subjecting myself or any guy who i'm not even sure bout to all this pressure.

anyhow this year i had the best (or rather worst) 'excuse'.

jo: unfortunately i have school! seriously the coordinators in school really need to work on their scheduling

yes, it is true. i have classes on vday night.

gonna be my best vday yet.

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At 9:26 PM, Blogger emma5 said...

Oh my God, cancel school and go on the date! Who cares if you're committed or not, just don't think and do it!


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