Wednesday, February 07, 2007

fun with technology during work

it was another regular day at work where i was busy pounding at the keyboard when an IM popped up...

oldest school friend: "the busybody person that i am discovered that *insert prick04's real name*'s profile has changed from 'in a relationship' to 'it's complicated'

apparently this girl keeps more 'involved' in prick04's life than i even care to.

jo: hahahahaha!
jo: of 'coz it's complicated... i mean when is it NOT complicated with him??
jo: probably means he's trying to juggle a million different girls as usual

oldest school friend: haha
oldest school friend: probably spent too much time on prank calls
oldest school friend: between work, volunteer work and prank calls. where does he have the proper time for a gf!
oldest school friend: not to mention it's not like he's incredibly good looking or whatever

jo: hahaha! for sure!
oldest school friend: it's almost sad
jo: well he's kinda pathetic


later i was in a team meeting when i got a text message...

key account executive: halo! u in a meeting now?
jo: haha! yeah... with the rest of the department. you're waiting for *insert name of my colleague that he deals directly with*?
key account executive: yah... u getting used to working again? have enough alcohol in ur blood?
jo: will probably never really get used to working haha! honestly i already had some alcohol in my blood last weekend haha! why? you looking for more?
key account executive: honestly, i would love to have more alcohol... but i can't... sigh... my wives will nag nag nag...
jo: hahaha! then you should go and be a good boy... right?

key account executive then suddenly appeared upstairs in my office with my colleague that he was supposed to meet. he passed my workspace as he left some stuff on my boss man's table. i was talking to another colleague. we waved and said hi like we weren't just texting each other. but dang there's just something really attractive bout his looks...

jo: was that one of your many wives? haha!
key account executive: nah... not my type...
jo: haha! picky picky... what's your type then? male? :p
key account executive: slim and a face that i like :)
jo: and you didn't mention male or female... hmmm... very telling...

interesting day.

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At 9:57 PM, Blogger emma5 said...

Sorry, forgot to reply. Darren is one of my friends that I was really close to before, but we had a falling out, and now I rarely see him, but when I do, I miss him. Keep away from that married guy, he's trouble I tells ya!


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