Sunday, March 11, 2007

before it even started...

... it may be the beginning of the end.

i was supposed to meet the youngest one over the weekend. it was now the 4th rescheduling.

by 4.20pm i still hadn't heard a word...

jo: so... yes, no, maybe? a girl has to plan...

an hour passed... still nothing.

jo: are you sleeping? so are we still on for dinner? 'coz i gotta know to figure out my own plan for then night...
the youngest one: haha sorry ya.. i just woke up.. don't think so cos will be going *nearby place on a short road trip* for the last time... sorry ya..

that pissed me off.

i was deciding between not replying to him and speaking my mind.

in the end speaking my mind won.

jo: when i make plans with someone, i actually block out the timing for the person and not wait till last minute to cancel out. so don't make plans you can't keep. enjoy your trip.
the youngest one: hey really really sorry. i know you are damn pissed.. sorry girl.. i hope i didn't ruin your day..

but i was on a roll...

jo: look i mean i don't think i'm an unreasonable person but cancelling out on me 4 times at the last minute pretty much takes the cake. if you wanna make plans with me, i'd appreciate it if you would actually keep 'em or just don't say instead of letting me actually make the time for you.
the youngest one: ya i understand.. really very sorry.. i understand if you are angry cos it's my fault..

i guess i started to go a lil soft 'coz he was being so apologetic...

jo: anyhow just wanted you to know how i feel and where i stand on making plans.
the youngest one: ok i got ya.. if it were me i would be angry too..
jo: okay... well at least we cleared that out...
the youngest one: yea.. you have fun ya

a lot of fun i did have. i stayed home.

but honestly perhaps the worst part? i'm still interested to see him... he just needs to get his act together and not cancel out on me. and i'm not sure if that will happen.



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