Friday, February 16, 2007

intimidatingly single

shy colleague: you? single?
jo: haha! yeah
shy colleague: that's a bit shocking
jo: yeah well you're not the first one
shy colleague: omg
shy colleague: either 1. you're so funky that you don't want a guy
shy colleague: 2. freedom forever
shy colleague: 3. you're just not straight
jo: hahaha! i'm definitely straight
shy colleague: or 4. guys get scared by the hair
jo: well it might be #4... but it's not the hair
jo: i've gotten told by a few people that men find me intimidating

shy colleague: it's a bit true

my worst fears has once again been proven... that somehow i manage to intimidate men. i promise i'm not trying. but apparently just being me is enough.

shy colleague: if i was your bf, i'd be afraid. like always on my toes
jo: really? why?
shy colleague: cause you're definitely one of the better lookers around
jo: aww thanks
shy colleague: and you're nice
shy colleague: so that means many guys would want you too
shy colleague: you know guys are very selfish creatures
jo: but i'm not the cheating kind
shy colleague: in summary, too good to be true
shy colleague: and wait, you're smart too!

jo: but i'm really not that scary. seriously!

to be honest this scares me a lil.

usually no one can ever believe that i'm single. apparently i'm a good catch and have too much going for me to be untaken. while that's flattering, it's not exactly good news. 'coz if everyone thinks i'm taken, then who's actually gonna take me?

and i can't deny that at times i've even considered what it would be like if i was more quiet, mainstream, 'normal'. whatever it is to be less intimidating. but that said, that wouldn't be true to myself. and besides how long could i keep up such pretenses.

i suppose i can only hope that in some weird way it's a good thing 'coz it means that whoever it is that i eventually wind up with had the guts to see past the so-called intimidation and into the really not-so-scary me.

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At 8:34 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Someone once told me "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is."

And i think that's your problem Jo, your just to much of an awesome girl! Who would have thouhgt that would work out to become a bad thing... *sigh*

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Queen Vee said...

amen sister!


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