Tuesday, February 20, 2007


the weekend was absolutely crazy.

it was full of long talks and crazy happenings with the youngest one.

on friday a bunch of us friends went out to celebrate my best friend's birthday. it ended up with us in the club where the youngest one and i met. we had been texting so we each knew where the other was. it was there at the club when we kissed for the first time in the corridor leading to the bathroom, where a guy walking past actually cheered us on. it was also there where we kissed a couple more times and then in the taxi ride back to my place. i went home alone. he merely sent me back though it was sweet since my place was out of the way for him.

and then he called and we were on the phone chatting for a few hours.

my party girl and i decided to head out on sunday night. she had invited along her young guy friend and we were hanging out in a club listening to a live band. at this point it's important to note that i have never really invited anyone to join me and my party girl before. i guess it's 'coz the places that we go and the fun that we have is kinda different from what my other friends are used to or are even used to seeing me have. but for some reason i decided to invite the youngest one. and crazier still, my party girl and i were actually heading to her young guy friend's house for some drinks. but he was cool and told me to invite the youngest one and his friend. along the way we ran into a random neighbour of my party girl's young guy friend and he was invited as well.

so the 6 of us were just sitting around drinking and playing around with the host's ipod. it was pretty fun though the youngest one was rather shy and his friend even more so 'coz i don't think he said a word. but for the most part i had fun.

then it was time to head off. once again the youngest one went out of the way to send me home. there was more making out in the taxi. he's definitely a good kisser.

later he called and we were chatting on the phone again for a few hours.

it's all a bit too crazy for me. i don't think i've actually met a person who i could chat for ages with and yet have that strong physical connection. we definitely have some sort of chemistry but i'm not sure how compatible we are. like how i confessed to him, he's kinda like my kryptonite, he's too dangerous for me. but he's respectful of me and said that he knows i'm not the random hookup kinda lady (yeah he said i was a lady) and knows his limits and that's why he doesn't push it and just leaves it at making out. but doesn't mean he didn't try again by saying that if he was my kryptonite, i would be home with him.

it's tough. i really enjoy kissing him and it's tough. but i also know that that's not the direction i wanna be heading. but it doesn't mean that i want to stop kissing him. 'coz i don't.



At 3:57 AM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

That dude must be a helluva kisser! ;)


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