Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the office 'romance'

"hey, come over here" the new accountant beckoned me over in hushed tones with a wave of his hand and an air of secrecy.

i scooted over to him wondering what was the big secret.

"are you interested in my temp guy (that would be shy colleague)?" the new accountant inquired.

"wh..what???" i could hardly contain my shock and surprise. "why are you asking me this?"

"'coz you guys are IMing each other" he stated matter of factly. "i just want to know how you guys are progressing."

"progressing?" i still couldn't quite process everything the new accountant was saying. i felt like back in those school days again with all those rumours. "why are asking me and not him?"

"'coz you're more likely to give an honest answer" he replied. "he's younger than you right?"

"yeah..." then i added "but we're just friends..."

and 'coz shy colleague and i are friends, i clued him in on this and this was what he had to say...

shy colleague: LOL!!!
shy colleague: ok
shy colleague: you shall be my office gf
shy colleague: he does know our age diff
shy colleague: lucky only he feels this way
shy colleague: so it's not bad
jo: haha!
jo: as it is my friends laugh at me for being a cradle snatcher

shy colleague: not bad... rumoured with one of the office's babes
shy colleague: but rumours are bad... how could such a thing happen? you better convince him haha

jo: i think if i try, it's going to be worse
shy colleague: well then just let that crazy idea die down on it's own
jo: yeah... anyhow it's not like we're doing anything wrong. so whatever

well overall i think it went well... i'm hoping this won't make things weird for shy colleague and me. then again he may be 6 years younger, shy and innocent, but neither he nor i are still in those school days.



At 2:00 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

If his innocence is the problem, you know, there are ways to fix that... problem... ;)

(Oh, and if you get this comment, like, three hundred times don't blame me - blame freakin' blogger!!!)


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