Thursday, February 15, 2007

IM progression

lately the 21 year old shy guy colleague of mine and i have been chatting a lot on IM. in fact one particularly long and very active conversation via our personal IM left us almost unable to wake up the next morning for work.

he's rather curious bout me and asks a lot of questions and for some reason, i'm comfy enough to tell him stuff that i may not neccessarily say to someone that early in a friendship. but we're on the same page on a lot of stuff including relationships.

it's beginning to be rather evident that there's some fascination with me. he kept telling me that i was the coolest girl he ever met and he shared that his first impression of me when he saw me wearing trainers and with my outrageous hair was that i was different and had personality. he then said that when he saw me in heels the next day he was shocked. he was surprised that my dressing style kept changing. and then my interest in fitness further surprised him.

for a shy guy i think he's pretty good at the flattery thing. he told me that he thought i was good-looking, that i will attract a lot of guys' attention in the clubs and that a lot of 'em will approach me. he even said that if i was more aloof and less friendly, he would have mistaken me for a model. i'm quite sure he's kidding... or hasn't seen many girls before. he also said other stuff that made me think which i'll share later in another post.

i'm really glad that i got the chance to get to know him better. he's not as quiet as i initially thought he was. i suppose when he met the right person to talk to (and since i can probably talk to cardboard paper haha!), he could just be super chatty.

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At 1:50 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Woohoo, somebody's to fall of the single's waggon! ;D


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