Tuesday, March 06, 2007

in search of new randomness

on saturday i went out with the yummy mommy and my party girl with a partial intention of finding a new random guy.

a part of me suddenly somehow got worried that i was liking the youngest one too much and i needed someone new to help me stop liking him that much. must be the partially commitment phobic side of me. i think i realised it when it occured to me that i was talking to him and thinking of him too much. and i can't see anything long term coming from it.

on friday i texted him some random friendly message. he didn't reply till 4 hours later. i was asleep by then. but i remember wondering before i fell asleep if he was with another girl. that's when i knew i was being irrational.

we were supposed to meet up on saturday for dinner but he postponed on me saying that he didn't sleep at all the night before and had a tournament the next day. he seemed like he was concerned that i would think he was cancelling on me. then again it was the third time he cancelled on me. but i thought the 'concern' was sweet. and even though i never asked, he explained that he took so long to reply to my message 'coz he was out of the country (as he sometimes is with his friends) and had no reception.

anyhow my saturday 'plan' to meet a new random guy didn't go all that well. sure i met a new random guy. he was a swiss friend of the yummy mommy's german friend. he was attractive and we seemed to get along pretty well. we even got a lil huggy at times. but nothing substantial happened. and somehow the youngest one and i wound up messaging in the later part of the night even as i got picked up by another guy in the club. and the youngest one and i wound up having another one of our middle of the night conversations that lately have seemed to be a weekly affair.

i think the youngest one and i have graduated to becoming friends as opposed to simply club acquaintances. in fact he himself acknowledged that i was a friend. but yet there's this not quite just platonic thing going on between us. i'm really not sure what's going on. we have arranged to meet up next week and hopefully we'll get to meet... eventually. 'coz i think i need to meet him outside of a club setting to maybe decide what's going on.


today my department and i went for lunch with a few people from our tobacco supplier. the last time i met the channel manager was at their tobacco launch a year ago. back then he was the key account executive but has since been promoted.

it was a good lunch. we talked bout work, we talked a lil bout non work related stuff. i always felt that given time and opportunity, the channel manager and i could probably get along well. before i left, he shook my hand and gave me a wink. exactly like what he did a year ago. dang this guy knows how to work it.

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At 7:41 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Hey, what happened with the angel/devil situation? Need MORE guys????

Insatiable... *sigh*

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Hmm you really need to add to the confusion. The "commitment phobic" part I totally get - why else do you think I wanna move to SF and get my self a gay roomie? ;)

At 8:07 AM, Blogger Downtown said...

Pseudo Dating: I completely understand your need for more guys... I consider it akin to "building a harem" of guys. This partially-platonic group of guys is there when a single gal needs a little boost. You have the Sunday movie guy, the Wednesday happy hour guy, the late night phone call guy, the sports bar guy, the weekend ski trip guy...

Each of these individual fills a spot that will some day be taken over by "the one".


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