Thursday, March 08, 2007

mutual murder

jo: you know i was thinking that at some point i may have to kill you haha!
shy colleague: kill me? why?
jo: 'coz you know too much
shy colleague: haha
shy colleague: about?

jo: about me
shy colleague: really? i do?
jo: yeah!
jo: some of my closest friends don't even know as much
jo: besides my best friend...
jo: i'm a pretty private person

shy colleague: haha
shy colleague: cool
shy colleague: actually i should kill u too!
jo: haha! really?
shy colleague: yes!
shy colleague: i don't really tell anyone
shy colleague: that's why i was like omg!
shy colleague: i can't believe i'm saying all these

jo: hahaha! must be me
jo: but yeah likewise for me
jo: normally i don't tell anyone stuff like that
jo: and as i'm saying i'm like thinking oh gosh jo shut up hahaha!

shy colleague and i have been back to our crazy IMing ways. at work, at our personal IMs... we just keep on IMing and IMing. and each time more and more personal life stories are spilling out...

he makes it clear that he thinks i'm hot and am definitely his type. though he's currently interested in a girl that he's been casually seeing for the last 2 years. as for me, i'm enjoying this new found friendship with him. while i've had guy friends who i even once considered to be pretty close, i've never quite had the kind of friendship with a guy where i just feel so comfy sharing stories with. and with shy colleague, a fair number of stories has already been shared...



At 1:49 PM, Anonymous carla said...

I feel sorry for shy colleague. He thinks the more he talks to you the more attracted you will be to him, but he slips more and more into your friend zone.

Ultimately you will think of him only as a friend to share personal stories with, and not as a sex partner of any sort, and he will leave, heartbroken, unable to understand why jo wasn't attracted to him and if he should have been different in some way.

Be kind to him.

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Robert said...

Glad to know that u r happy with ur new friend...but at the same time I pity ur shy colleague...he being an introvert...might take ur interaction in a wrong wishes :)

At 10:42 AM, Blogger jo said...

he's a whopping 6 years younger than me and besides he's interested in the girl that he's been sorta casually seeing for 2 years. i'm pretty sure that he doesn't think of me as anything else but a friend. but thanks for the advice anyhow...

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous carla said...

Nah, that 'casual friend' thing sounds like a smoke screen. shy guys don't ever flirt with 'friend' girls, trust me, no matter what they say. still, he's got to do what he's got to do and he's got to grow, so let him do his thing.


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