Saturday, April 21, 2007

farewell party

it was one crazy friday...

i had a tobacco anniversary event in the late afternoon. it was from the same company as the tobacco launch we had last year. only this time i not only got to talk to channel manager (who i find attractive though he's a player type) but a couple of other guys came up and talked to me too.

as fate would have it one of 'em was in fact a year my junior from my school. he came up and told me that i looked familiar. i didn't think much of it since he didn't look familiar at all until we did a lil tracing back. another guy told the channel manager that i looked familiar (seriously do i have this common face or something??) and the channel manager asked me over to have a chat with him and the guy. of 'coz my guy colleagues were laughing that they were probably just interested in getting to know me. maybe? but then they could have just given me their business card and asked me for mine or something.

anyhow later a few colleagues and i decided to head out partying. given that it's my last week in my job, it was supposed to be my farewell party.

for the most part it was the same motley crew as the last time we partied. but add on a few more guys that i'm pretty close with in the office. this included the navy colleague. actually he wasn't supposed to be part of the party. but he happened to be in the office. and honestly i think there's a vibe going on between us 'coz we always seem to give each other these lil looks from across the corridor. he's a cheeky player type and well i'm not exactly the type to back down either. plus he's such a cutie. so we were joking around like we normally do and he was teasing me by pretending to unbutton his shirt. i told him he's gonna have to unbutton more than just one button. and so i invited him to join us at night. he asked for my number and subsequently we exchanged a few calls and texts to arrange the meeting location.

it was a crazy time. and let's just say that i did manage to take off the navy colleague's shirt, leaving him only in his wife beater haha! he even carried me up in an effort to get his shirt back. but hey i'm a tough chick haha!

i was in my full party persona. and even ignored the hoots from all my colleagues when random guys came up to dance with me and talk to me. but what i don't get is while i was mid conversation with a kiwi guy, the navy colleague kinda interrupted and talked to the guy. after a while the guy left which meant that i never got to complete the conversation with him.

the navy colleague definitely intrigues me. he's quite the dancing king. seriously the boy has some hot grooving moves. and being the player type he is, he obviously spends some time dancing with each of us girls. oh well i can't say that i didn't have my own fun time with him haha! later we all headed for supper and i was sitting in the front seat of a van with another colleague driving and the navy colleague in the back. we were joking around as usual and he asked me to join him in the back. i joked that i was so there. he said no strings attached. and i said of 'coz besides who wants to have strings attached to him. but it was all talk, i never did get into the back though i seriously wanted to.

anyhow it's wrong. i believe he has a girlfriend. but sometimes with these wild player types, it's just so much fun that you somehow can't help but wonder what's it like to kiss him...

that said, i had such a great time that i'm really hoping that even after i leave the company i can arrange more partying sessions with 'em... and definitely the navy colleague will be one of the firsts in my mind...

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At 10:41 PM, Blogger MPA said...

Just to let you know I've been following your blog with interest lately, esp. with regards to your navy collegue. He reminds me of several guys I know - the kind who are always up for a good time (the no-strings-attached kind), especially with girls who come off as very confident, which I definitely think you do! Looking forward to seeing how this develops - in my book, a little kissing never hurt anyone, unless of course someone's feelings get hurt...

At 2:31 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

God, I hate when that "I know you from somewhere!" happens! My old junior high and high school friends think I'm the most stuck-up person in the world, but I'm just LOUSY with faces (Yes, I know, it rimes badly with me being an artist drawing mainly faces - that work hazard haven't spread onto me yet, though). Not to mention names! I'm the one going "Oh, it's... you!" on parties... :D


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