Thursday, April 12, 2007

oh so natural

when i was watching because i said so, i was immediately drawn to the musician guy as opposed to the rich and successful guy that the mom wanted to fix her daughter up with. later shy colleague asked me why.

well the standard answer would have been 'coz i just found the musician cuter. but beyond that it wasn't just his looks that attracted me but his personality.

it was then that i realised that it was bout that one word... natural.

the musician guy seemed so natural compared to the rich and successful guy who was too smooth and too suave. and i realised that it wasn't just movie characters but it was also evident in the real life guys i've liked.

i've always said before that the reason why i was attracted to cutie classmate was 'coz he had a very natural air bout him. he just seemed like he was comfy in his own skin and being his own person.

someone has also always been open and unpretentious. even to the point of lounging around and being absolutely comfy with my parents upon first meeting. he was just him. and that was what i liked bout him.

i like that feeling where i feel that the guy seems real, like he's not hiding some deep dark secret. that what i see is what i get. that's he comfy enough with me not to have to pretend. it makes me feel a lot more at ease. and that makes me more natural as well.

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At 10:07 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

the musician guy.... mmmm, like the sound of it!

I totally got a soft spot for musicians. Specially if he plays the guitar and has a sultry, whiskey voice when he sings.. ala Brian Adams

At 12:28 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Natural... yes, thank you! Here I was, thinking I'm the only one! Sometimes, a H*O*T guy just doesn't do it for me, because there's something not-natural with him... (yeah, un-natural and super-natural didn't fit in quite, so I invented my own word).

We're so totally in sync! LOL

RYC: I'll draw if I have to save your life! You can count on me! ;D


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