Monday, April 09, 2007

easter weekend with guy friends

easter weekend proved to be pretty boring.

the most exciting thing that happened to me was probably on thursday night. shy colleague and i headed out for a quick dinner and then a movie. it's the first time we've actually hung out socially as opposed to our very many open conversations via IM. it was a nice time.

later i met up with a guy friend i hadn't seen in years and joined him and 3 of his guy friends for a drink. i asked shy colleague along as well but he wasn't up for drinking. i wasn't too bothered bout being the only girl among 4 guys. in some ways i've always been comfy in an all-guys company. it wound to be a rather chill out time which was good since i really wasn't looking to have any crazy fun.

on good friday my family and my friend's family met up. now this is an interesting story...

i got to know this guy friend of mine through camp when we were 14. back then i think we both kinda liked each other but both of us too shy to do anything bout it. time passed and i reckon we got over it but still maintained as friends even though we didn't keep in touch as much.

along the way our moms happened to get to know each other. neither of 'em knowing that their kids were friends. until they started talking more and my mom started getting this suspicious feeling. it was the funniest thing ever. so then our 2 families started meeting up occasionally. soon after he left for college in arizona. it was then that i just bout entirely lost contact with him. he was the worst email correspondent ever and i only met up with him once when he came back home for the holidays 'coz his mom happened to mention it to my mom.

but now he's back for good. it was kinda strange seeing him again. but at the same time nice to catch up a lil. i'm hoping that soon we'll get to meet up without the parentals and catch up proper.

my dad however is massively excited.

"would you consider *insert my guy friend's name*?" my dad asks.
"he has a girlfriend," i reply, giving my dad a look.

"your dad said that you would consider *insert my guy friend's name*," my mom said a few days later.
"i said that he has a girlfriend," i repeated.

apparently my parents are so excited bout any prospective guy that they kinda forget that the guy actually has a girlfriend even though she is back in arizona.

but truth be told, my guy friend is a pretty good catch. he's nice and we get along. i even like his family. and he's cute too. but i'm just kinda not into psyching myself up for something that in all probability won't happen 'coz he doesn't seem into me.

and that's the rule i really have to remember. even as i haven't seen any action in a long long time. even as talking to shy colleague makes me think more bout why i'm the way i am and makes me wonder if there's something really wrong with me such that trying to find guys to 'date' is so hard.

but i'm restless and looking for complications. which isn't a good thing. 'coz as per murphy's law, that just means i don't get what i'm looking for.

and sadly i keep going back to think of the youngest one or the aussie podiatrist. i really need someone new... but i fear i've lost whatever mojo i might have ever had...



At 1:49 AM, Blogger Princess Extraordinaire said...

I don't think you've lost your Mojo at all - good things will come to you - in fact - maybe being friends with shy colleague and your neefound camp crush will bring aout new relationships - I now he has a girlfriend but when you're young - long distance love is hard and generally doesn't work out


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