Thursday, March 29, 2007

keep my phone away from me

last night i met up with a family friend and his friend for drinks. by the time i reached the bar at 7pm, the 2 guys had already settled in comfortably with their bottle of johnnie walker. so i spent some time playing catch up while grabbing some food from the bar. it was a pretty good time.

then my family friend's wife joined us after work. she doesn't drink which i think somehow dampened the mood a lil.

by 10pm we all started making our way home.

what the?

i was only just getting started. i was all nicely fuelled up for 3 hours and it was only now that i was feeling playful and wanting to get my groove on.

it's times like these when my phone should be kept far away from me.

example 1:

somehow i decided to pick up from where i left of tipsy texting with the youngest one last weekend...

jo: so are you being boring and staying home? :p

he never replied...

it irked me more especially since he was online this morning. but i bided my time.

the youngest one: hey sorry you msg me last nite i was asleep already
the youngest one: you went out?

we then proceeded to have a bit of an IM conversation. i'm pathetic 'coz it made me happy to hear from him.

example 2:

i had already texted the aussie podiatrist a lil earlier while i was still in the bar. it was kinda just a hey to break the "3-day rule".

jo: heya! howz it going? :p

he took a while to reply...

the aussie podiatrist: g'day ms jo. what's cooking? sorry bout late reply just got out of a meeting. how has your week been? i've been swamped, had 50 patients today. how is study going? :)
jo: you actually counted? dude you're too free haha! i'm good. had a tough few days. having some drinks with friends

i hadn't heard back from him by the time my friends figured it was time to go... so i did the next best thing which was to call him...

the aussie podiatrist: hey dudet, sorry i missed your call. was in the shower. tried to call back but can't get through. what's cooking?
jo: so hey why are you home again?

it was then that he called me and we chatted briefly. but i was still the taxi with my friends so i called him back when i got off and we chatted more.

later when i was more sobered up and got home i texted him...

jo: thanks for keeping me company... happy reading?

he didn't reply. yes, he had readings to do and had to be up at 5am but it would have been nice to get a reply...

oh well... looks like i really need to consider forgetting to bring my phone when i'm out drinking...

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At 6:48 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Oh, oho, oh, the youngest one AND the aussie podiatrist???? DO SHARE!

Ehum - or maybe I should let my dryspell that did not end with the um-friend (that's not so much an "um" nor a friend any more) be just that - a sign I shouldn't be meddling into things beyond my comprehension.

Love - what stupid fuck invented it????

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Dan said...

with the time difference and all, you could give me a call and it wouldn't be that late...


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