Monday, April 16, 2007

bout throwing in the towel

the weekend felt a lil more like my usual weekends... the ones i actually used to have before i lost my mojo. not that i found it back again but at least i wasn't home on a weekend night getting bored and being boring.

my party girl and i got to hang out all weekend. and it was nice. but i still obviously haven't learnt to keep my phone away from me. i texted the aussie podiatrist and key account executive. yes, apparently key account executive was back in the picture for the later half of last week when we were emailing back and forth a fair bit. but apparently he's out of the picture again since he didn't reply. at least the aussie podiatrist replied... the next day. he asked me what i was up to for the night and when i told him my plans and asked him bout his, he never replied. anyhow i've decided to put symbols in front of their numbers (like i did with the youngest one) to prevent further tipsy texting in the future.

and then i'm really gonna be done.

then again that's what i said bout the youngest one and look where that got me... IMing him on sunday evening that's what. and it was just like old times. it felt great. i really do miss that guy.

and as fate would have it, this morning at the bus stop and then again during lunch i sniffed out his armani code perfume. i literally went "uh oh".

but i guess i'm glad that even though the last time i saw any action was with the youngest one, i'm not that desperate enough to agree to a random guy in the pub's request for a kiss. he seemed okay in the beginning. an aussie golfer. we chatted easily. but then he started to exude kinda sleazy vibes at some points. his face was getting too close to mine... then he planted a surprise kiss on my cheek and asked if he could kiss me. the answer was no. even though i could do with some action, that's so not the guy i want anything to do with. i think at this point the person i really wanna have some action with is just the youngest one.

yep, so what did i say again bout being done?

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At 1:53 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Oh, pooh, you lost your modjo? I lost all my pride - let's get together and form a small, slightly drunk search party!

I'll look under this stone, if you flip that one over...


At 10:49 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

armani code perfume - that's a disaster just waiting to happen...(or is it action)


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