Monday, April 02, 2007

friday fun

on friday i went out partying with my colleagues. it was somewhat different from what i'm used to with my party girls. but a nice difference. it was good to hang out with a bunch of people and getting up to crazy antics just all within the group instead of all that random pickups. i would love to do this more often but maybe i won't get the chance to in future?

so in one drinking game we played, i lost and as a pre-arranged forteit for the loser, i had to kiss shy colleague... on the cheek of 'coz, 'coz we're playing it safe. he got pretty nervous and really even though it's not a big deal to me, i didn't wanna appear all forward. i suppose with colleagues there's still a certain 'reputation' i have to maintain. in the end i was kinda like heck it and just grabbed him and gave him a loud smack on the cheek. there. over and done with.

i think that night a few of the crazier people really brought out and taught shy colleague a lotta things. he's just not used to this kind of lifestyle. 'coz we're friends i just had to make sure that he was okay... especially since i think he had more than his usual share of drinks...

jo: hey you're okay right?
shy colleague: haha i'm fine thank you! very much safe!
jo: haha! okay... hope you had fun... and didn't get too traumatised...
shy colleague: yup haha but i'm always bullied hehe! but fun.. and i got a kiss from the hot babe oh my..

on a separate note... i obviously didn't learn from my mistake and keep my phone away from me.

the day before i chatted with the youngest one over IM and he said that he would be home on friday night 'coz lately he's just been feeling lazy. for some reason i decided to make sure...

jo: so are you really home? haha!
the youngest one: yup at home
jo: haha! i can't believe it. it's like i don't know you anymore haha!

and that was it.

sometimes i can't believe myself.

now what i've done is to put symbols in front of his phone number so that even though his number is still there in my phone, i won't be able to contact him without having to delete those symbols first. and i'm hoping that in a tipsy state, that will be harder to do and eventually i won't even bother.

well i suppose at least i excersied restraint when it came to the aussie podiatrist. 'coz seriously i was this close to texting him. but hey i figured i had already called him the other night. and he didn't get back to me on whether he was going to be out of town this weekend or not.

i really hate all of this. i don't wanna be emotionally attached. no more trying for me.

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