Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the opening and closing of heart and options

so you may wonder how on earth do i have the energy to deal with the frustration and follow up on so many guys at the same time... well to be honest i don't know. in fact i'm really tired out. maybe 'multidating' isn't for me?

that said, over a month after i hid my profile on the online dating site, i unhid it again.

yes that is the contradictory part of me. the girl who says that she's too busy to possibly introduce new guys into her life and 'multidate'. and yet she goes and unhides her profile on an online dating site which could potentially mean introducing new guys into her life.

i'm sure i'll regret this move soon and hide it again. but for now i'm gonna just leave it as one of my impulsive things.

sometimes i have no idea why i do certain things. but perhaps this time i do? my best friend just told me yesterday that she got attached to a guy she met via another online dating site. he seems sweet and i'm really happy for her. after a bout of crappy ex boyfriends and crappy friends with benefits, i'm glad that she seemed to have found someone who treats her well and treasures the gem that she is.

but 'coz i'm only human, that also surfaced the "why not me?" reaction. he was the third guy she met up with from the online dating site. so far i've met up with 2 from the online dating site that i joined. maybe the third one's a charm?

maybe i'm just deluded.

anyhow i find myself thinking of the original guy whose profile i saw and liked so much that it propelled me to actually sit down to complete the very long process of setting up an online profile, complete with a picture. previously we've chatted some on IM but he's been mia for months now. a quick check showed that his profile is back up (it was hidden for a while) and his last log in was 24 hours ago.

so why hasn't he made an appearance on IM? should i email him?

i don't know.

i guess an email doesn't hurt right?

besides i think maybe i can afford to introduce new guys into my life... i could certainly do with the distraction since i've decided to try my best to forget bout my family friend's setup. he's just not impressing at the moment. the only thing he has going for him is that we get along and chat well. and oh that i actually like him and think he has potential. dammit!


damn murphy's law... just when i'm trying so hard to not like my family friend's setup, he comes online and asks me out for lunch. it was a good lunch. great conversation. and dutch of 'coz. 'coz apparently that's our style. maybe we're like buddies now?



At 4:14 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Well, girls have always been good at multitasking! LOL

Good luck, & if you pour your heart out, bring a mop... ;)

At 6:24 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

"why me" sounds really bitter, but its a normal reaction. You are happy for your friend, but still somewhere deep inside you wish it had been you. see this as an inspiration that you never know when the right lad will turn up.

And yes, I'd say send him an e-mail. Nothing ventured, nothing ganined right?

Keep us updated :)

At 8:03 PM, Blogger MPA said...

I'm with Crashdummie on this one.

Any guy who impressed you enough that you filled out an entire online dating profile is worth at least one email, surely?

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

Send him a note, absolutely no harm!


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