Wednesday, June 13, 2007


yesterday i met up with my london guy friend. it was really nice to see him again, nevermind that since the last time he was here in october, we haven't really been in contact at all.

he gives the best hugs. tight and long with rubs on the back. and this time our hugs were closer. it was as though we really missed seeing each other.

the conversation wasn't all that great. per usual i suppose. he's a rather quiet kinda guy. but i suppose overall the meeting up went well.

it's amazing what great hugs can do.


i don't think i mentioned it but recently i hid my profile on the online dating site.

it was a rather impulsive thing though i had been thinking of getting out of it for a while now (like the second day i joined haha!). it was just getting to be kinda overwhelming and a bit pointless when i didn't have time to concentrate on getting to know people i had already met from there.

one of the people i met recently was this french guy. well we didn't meet in person, just chatted via IM. initially he seemed almost slightly annoying. maybe it was the language barrier though his english doesn't seem too bad. or maybe it was the time of night and we were both tired out. but as we started talking more, he didn't seem too bad.

recently i've been getting more evident signs that he's kinda interested. he told me that he wanted to get to know me better and that he stopped his subscription to the online dating site.

french guy: when you think you have found a (the?) good person. you have to make her understand that you're not a guy interested in any kind of girls...

i found that part of him interesting. i'm not sure how true it is but he does seem sincere enough. and i guess it's rare to find someone who even in the initial stages of getting to know someone, prefers to concentrate on one person at a time instead of 'multiple dating'.

that said, he knows that i'm talking to other guys from the online dating site. though admittedly no one that i'm really interested in... the one i'm most interested in has been missing in action for the last 2 weeks.

i guess i'll just have to see if and where all this leads...

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