Monday, July 02, 2007

back to reality...

so for those who were wondering where i've poofed to... well i was away on a company trip... it was only for 4 days but it was still nice to know that i've been missed here...

the trip was good. i really needed a break. it probably would have been better if it was with my own friends instead of the office people but thankfully i bonded with the new girl so it wasn't that bad.

in between free moments i found myself missing my not-so-platonic ex-friend and texted him. turns out he was thinking of me too. i think in some ways we are still thinking of each other. it's just that due to the extreme complication of things and things being extremely wrong, we're just trying not to go there again. doesn't stop my brain from playing tricks on me. in fact one morning i could have sworn that i got a text from him. but in actual fact i didn't. it was just a blurring of dreamscape and reality.

that said, i did get some texts from the guy i met via online dating who said that he likes me. he was flying away on a business trip the day i was flying back. so that means we won't be chatting online this week like we have been doing loads of that lately. he seems like a nice guy even though i'm not sure if i have any special feelings for him. but we're arranging to meet up soon. we'll see what happens...



At 4:26 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

So, instead of hanging out with us you went on a business trip and had fun???? How offensive! :O

Oh, and instead of missing all of us, your devoted blog-friends, you end up missing the not-so-platonic ex-friend???? :O


Now my jaws hurt from all that gaping...

Damn, girl, I really need to get on to that online dating stuff! ;D

Good to have you back!

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Okay, was I too hasty in saying "good to have you back"????



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