Friday, July 27, 2007

supposed 'date'

for a few months now i've been chatting online with marvy the martian's (my guy friend based in china) guy friend. marvy had wanted to set us up together and got us to exchange IM addresses. somehow we managed to chat really well but never met up.

last night we finally met up, together with 2 of his guy friends to watch a movie together. but we got some alone time as we met up for dinner first. it was kinda odd 'coz it seemed like even though we knew a fair bit bout each other via our online conversations, we were still very much strangers 'coz it was our first meeting. he was better looking than his pic suggested though still not falling into my definition of attractive. he was shorter and relatively small sized. he seemed nice though. but sometimes there are signs when you realise why a guy is single. he just wasn't all that gentlemanly. i realise that we were out as friends and it wasn't like a 'date', but there are just some lil things you do as a guy for a girl, even as friends.

so remember some time ago there was supposed to be a supposed 'date' with one of the guys i met via the online dating site of which he cancelled? since then i haven't really been chatting much to him. i figured that this girl wasn't going to bother unless he bothered. well this week he was back with a vengence so to speak. even complimenting on how fit and toned i looked. i'll take whatever compliments i can get. perhaps he wanted to see me in person for himself...

guy: so we're supposed to meet right?
jo: i don't know... you cancelled out on me the last time so i figured if you wanted to meet you'll let me know

and with that we made plans to meet later tonight after my school.

to be honest i'm not really holding my breath... if he doesn't contact me to confirm then i'm just gonna head off



At 1:10 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

Dependability is something that is very important to me. His loss if he doesn't follow through!

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Well, there's the chance you'll go and have a fabulous meeting with your future husband, not to mention having a great story for the kids about how mummy and daddy met...

Or, you get to kick somebody in the nuts.

Either way, I'd be game! LOL


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