Sunday, June 10, 2007

shy colleague's farewell party

friday was shy colleague's (well now he's really shy ex-colleague) last day at my former workplace. but 'coz i'm close to him (and still have many fond memories of my former workplace), i was invited down for his farewell party at a club.

it was so great to see familiar faces. some of who i've really missed. but what i didn't count on was the navy colleague (who now really is the navy ex-colleague since neither one of us are in that company anymore) being there as well.

it's a pity that i wasn't feeling the club music too much which meant that i didn't really dance a whole lot. my protege (the 20 year old girl who replaced me) however turned out to be a dancing queen and a surprisingly real wild child. she and the navy colleague did have quite a bit of fun. but the navy colleague being the player that he is isn't exactly satisfied with just her. he had a field time flirting with her friend, another colleague and me as well. in fact at one point our faces were bout an inch apart and he even kissed my foot.

shy colleague and i were also a lot more friendly touchy feely with a few hugs. it's not a big deal to me 'coz really i'm the all huggy-veggy type. but to shy colleague who is well...shy... i suppose a few hugs was quite a lot for him as it is.

it may not have been the best party night out but it was just so good to see 'em ex-colleagues again. i think despite me leaving the company, a part of me never really left at all...


so bout the supposed 'date' on saturday with the guy i got to know from an online dating site... well that never happened...

i didn't hear from him so i texted him to ask if we were still on. yeah apparently i don't like that limbo feeling of not quite knowing my plans. he replied that he was having dinner with his friends and asked that if we could meet another day instead.

seriously i would have much appreciated if he had told me beforehand if he couldn't make it rather than have to let me check back in with him. if he wants to meet me, he'll have to ask again 'coz this girl is so not bothering.

what's worse is that tonight i saw him online and he didn't even IM me to mention anything bout him cancelling out.


in other news, my london guy friend is back in town for 2 weeks. since last oct we haven't really kept in touch at all. then recently i saw from his IM name that he was coming back and left him a message. he called me today and we made plans to meet up next week. we'll see if this time it's a case of us getting along really well or just not clicking at all. anyhow it's all platonic. he has a girlfriend back in london and i'm no longer interested as i was last summer.

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At 7:41 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Bittersweet farewell huh? Go figure.

London guy is out of the pic huh. Hmm, maybe he has a friend? Sorry luv, I just adore the British accent and their charm.


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