Monday, December 03, 2007

the yummy mommy's birthday celebration

to be honest i really didn't want to head out on friday night. i wasn't sure if i was still up for drinking and i had a sporting event on sunday that i really needed to be in tip-top condition for.

but some things aren't quite in my control. it was the yummy mommy's birthday and i just can't not be there.

so we all headed to a bar that i've never been before. a few other friends were there as well as some guys (friends of friends) that i didn't know.

right from the start i arrived, i knew that it would be hard to keep the alcohol intake in check. one of the guys ordered me a graveyard which i had to down. and then there was champagne which normally doesn't work well with me especially if i'm mixing drinks. and then there was vodka.

i spent some time talking to this brit guy (friend of friend) who i thought was kinda cute-ish. he probably seemed like a bit of a player. and was also constantly flattering me by raving bout how he thought i was one of the hottest girls and that when i walked in, he went wow! and bout how i had very good proportions (facially i think). now, i'm not exactly lacking in self esteem, but i'm not deluded either. i'm not a troll but i really doubt that i'm all that hot either. anyhow it was somewhat nice to have someone flatter you... if not, mildly annoying if he repeats it too much.

anyhow later we all moved on to another club. normally i hate that place. but to be honest, i was at a point where i wasn't even quite sure where exactly in the club i wound up at. and i'm certainly not sure when was it that the brit guy and i started kising. but we were definitely kissing a lot in the club.

before i left, he gave me his card. and normally i wouldn't even bother to contact but somehow i started to feel "girl" and texted him. he replied and asked me to join his friends but i just wanted to head home.

to be honest i don't really care. he was just a distraction for the moment. there was no real feelings or interest there. i'm not sure how it all happened but i'm not really complaining either. it was just an urge that was good to meet. it's been a while since i had a good makeout session.

so after retelling these tales to my best friend, she asked if i was over dj guy...

and the answer is no. that one engaged real feelings... and for me, that's hard to just shake it off like that.



At 12:04 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

Itll take time Jo, hang in there..

At 12:31 AM, Blogger Miss Pickle said...

I agree...nothing harder to shake off than those damn feelings! did get to make out...that's kind of a bonus, right? :OP


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