Thursday, November 29, 2007

unwanted attention

my bodybuilder friend is back in town for the holidays and i met up with him on tuesday.

as i was telling my best friend on that day itself bout the impending meeting, she commented that i seemed to be dreading it. that might have been a lil too strong a word. dread. well i certainly wasn't exactly jumping for joy with excitement at the thought of meeting up with him. in fact i was probably more excited at watching the movie i had suggested.

this has a lot to do with the fact that i have zero attraction to him and our IM conversations lately has been mostly him being all suggestive which just bores and grosses me out. but that said, i also knew that for some reason, we just get along better face to face... if only he wouldn't keep touching me... and that he wouldn't keep coming so near...

i don't believe i've done anything to imply that i'm interested at all. short of just saying it outright (which i won't do since he never said outright bout liking me), i have moved away each time he came near and ignored every single one of his flirting attempts. maybe it's just him. he hangs around with a lot of player guys. maybe some of their game has passed to him. well attempts at games at least... 'coz it's so not working on me. i'm just not interested at all.

anyhow the meeting up turned out okay. i mean the movie was great and that put me in a good mood. and we do get along better face to face. but that said, i didn't really feel too compelled to make time to meet up again when he suggested it. i kinda just brushed it aside that i was really busy. which is true anyhow. with work, school and training, it's amazing how i fit in anytime for a social life. and even if i did, sadly he isn't exactly high on the priority list. it's just easier to spend time with people who aren't trying to give me unwanted attention.

where's all that attention from the person i want instead?



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