Sunday, June 29, 2008

the night this girl found her mojo and then realised she might lose it again

i've admittedly been boring for at least 1.5 months. sure, i've partied a few times but i never really had the crazy fun that i've been accustomed to. and that is unacceptable. what is acceptable, however, was me finding my mojo on friday night.

the yummy mommy and i headed to cozy hole-in-the-wall bar. i haven't been there much lately and it was strange to realise that the regulars there now are a totally different set of regulars that i knew from the time when i was a regular there.

i got to know a few girls who were quite a fun frisky lot. the yummy mommy herself was feeling frisky. we practically had to hose her down haha! this guy and his girlfriend who i got to know previously were there as well. he's an older guy... his sons are bout my age. in fact one of 'em is the new dj in cozy hole-in-the-wall bar and he's a total cutie. the older guy's girlfriend is probably in her 30s and right off when i first met her there was just this draw bout her. it wasn't a surprise to learn that the older guy and his girlfriend has an open relationship and that she's bisexual.

somehow when there's enough mccallan on the rocks, my mojo comes running back to me. this time the older guy's girlfriend, the yummy mommy and i were having a lil "threesome girl time" fun. so i went from not kissing a guy in 1.5 months to kissing 2 girls. that's not too bad haha! but i still miss some makeout session with a guy.

later the yummy mommy and i left to head to 2 other clubs. i had some vague memory of flirting with a guy at the bar and dancing with another guy on the dance floor. sometimes i think maybe it's good that i have this selective memory...


so i was supposed to meet up with the ad-man on saturday to party. he predictably flaked on me when he texted me on saturday 3pm...

the ad-man: hey jo, can we postpone out drunken binge to another night! think i should get well a little more before anything else. sorry at that. but you have fun yeah!

somehow i suspected that he would bail. and strangely enough i have this feeling that he probably made plans with some other friends, nevermind that we supposedly planned this drunken binge 2 weeks ago. i mean if he didn't have any plans, he could have just suggested we go for dinner and hang out or something without the whole drunken binge thing. well i guess i should know where i stand with him... which is obviously nowhere.

well i didn't really mind staying home especially with friday night's escapades but a call from my party girl changed all that when she suggested us 3 girls head out together with a good guy friend of my party girl (who we all know) who happened to be in town.

it's amazing how my party girl, the yummy mommy and i haven't partied together in ages. back in the day we used to do our weekly friday night partying. but since my party girl got busier in her unpredictable job and the yummy mommy has been having her kids over more often, the 3 of us haven't really partied together like we used to. and with the yummy mommy soon to be having her kids over every weekend and my party girl soon to be planning to move to canada, it looks like things aren't ever really going to be the same again.

it was a quiet night out on the town. for the most part we were actually more concerned with trying to find food for our suddenly very hungry selves. we didn't really party hard but it was still pretty fun despite me being totally tired out from a too-exciting friday night.

i know i'm gonna miss these girls and the times we've shared... it makes me sad to think that it might be the start of a totally different and separate life for us. and yet, through it all, i feel like i'm still stuck in the same place...



At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Ecrivain said...

See, in my eyes, you don't sound boring at all. At least you seem to have a semblance of a life and get out there. Me, on the other hand? If you want to see someone who's truly boring, then you read my blog.

You, on the other hand? I wouldn't be surprised if you find someone sooner or later. Maybe it'll take longer than the rest of your friends, but I think you're probably going to wind up with someone.

At 2:19 PM, Blogger jo said...

you know, i don't happen to think you're boring. there are plenty of days where i spent waaay too much time watching tv online. i mean it must mean something if i managed to catch up on 5 seasons of the L word amongst other shows. okay so maybe both of us are kinda boring? haha!

well i hope both of us finds someone sooner or later... well sooner would be good :P


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