Saturday, October 25, 2008

interesting fridays

one of my close friends from uni is getting married in december and she's asked me, another one of our close friends in uni as well as 3 of her other friends to be part of the bridal party. so friday night was the first time we all met up. after dinner my close friend from uni (the one who isn't the bride) suggested that we head out for some drinks.

we wound up at a club i've frequented quite a number of times and liked before. and by absolute chance who should i run into but my party girl, the yummy mommy and 2 other friends who i also know. a few days before they had asked me to join 'em but at that time i wasn't sure of my plans yet.

i got the feeling that the bridal-party-to-be people weren't really the partying sort and they left soon after. it was mainly me and my close friend from uni that was up for dancing on the dance floor. we were then joined by my party girl who decided to leave the rest of our friends for a bit to try and find me.

in the end, the 3 of us wound up heading to another club which i've frequented quite a number of times and liked before. that place was fun. the music was excellent and i remembered all the reasons why i've missed just dancing it out.

so i told myself that i wasn't really going to do the whole heavy drinking and random making out thing. and i'm really glad that i kept to my word. i was out there to just dance and have fun with my girl friends. i wasn't even looking for any guys and the irony was that i had quite a few checking me out and i wound up getting picked up by this swedish guy.

he was standing beside me as i was a lil off the side on the dance floor dancing and having fun. and i got the feeling that he kept looking my way (in fact later i found out that he had already noticed me when i was standing in other location in the club). but i wasn't really into meeting guys in the club so i just kinda pretended not to notice. he then talked to me, commenting something bout the song the awesome live band just sang. i thought that was a nice friendly way of breaking the ice and went with it. and then we fell silent for a bit before he chatted me up again. and when the live band played a slow song, he asked me to dance.

soon after i had to leave and so i said goodbye. he gave me his namecard but didn't ask for my number. now normally it is not my common practice to contact the guy. i mean he could have just asked for my number there and then. and i know that i've said that i'm not going to try with guys for now but for some reason i almost feel like contacting him.

i'm not wildly attracted to him or anything. he just seems nice. and i guess some of the things he commented bout me was rather sweet. he talked bout how i seemed to have an aura where i gave out vibes that i'm nice and it makes people feel nice to be in my presence and how i seemed to be in balance. okay so i paraphrased but that was basically the gist of it. maybe it's all a line but he seemed too earnest to come off as insincere. i don't know... i mean if nothing we could be friends right?


that night i had a dream bout drummer boy. i dreamt that we were walking down a narrow staircase when we somehow found ourselves holding hands. and then we didn't let go after we had negotiated the staircase and suddenly he turned around and kissed me.

and then things were back to the normal before the dire disconnect. it was sweet and i was happy.

and i woke up feeling really sad that none of that was real.

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At 9:40 PM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Hey...nothing wrong with talking with the random nice guy!

Send the email! I'd love to see his reaction to the open and honest you!

At 10:51 PM, Blogger jo said...

saneandsingle: yeah in the end i decided to text the swedish guy. he mentioned bout how it would be nice to meet up in some quieter place (it was hard to talk over the club's loud music) some time and i kinda agreed to it though nothing has been confirmed.

seriously? i should send the email to drummer boy? honestly i never thought bout it until you suggested that i should. then i sent the email to my best friend who actually edited it a lil to make it not seem like i was blaming him haha! but i don't know... sending it to him seems like giving him the upperhand that i'm STILL bothered bout our situation...

At 11:18 PM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Don't worry about who has the upper hand! If you still want to be with him, what do you have to lose by putting your cards all out on the table? All you can lose is him! And you don't have him now! So what's the harm in gambling a little?

Pride has no place in affairs of the heart. You may see it as him having the upper hand, but don't you think he also deserves to know how you truly feel? If he doesn't respond, he doesn't deserve you. No matter how it turns out, you will be able to look back and know that you gave your all.

At 7:29 PM, Blogger jo said...

saneandsingle: i see your point and all. but don't you think that my previous email was already me kinda putting all my cards out on the table? and him not responding kinda maybe answers the question? and sending another email might just be borderline grovelling...

At 11:04 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

i'm so sorry hun, must still feel akward with the whole DB situation huh...

But hey, give the swedish lad a chance. As u said, if nothing else you guyz might click as friends. I thought it was kinda good move to give you his card, cuz now u dont have to wonder if he'll call or not - u are in charge.

And if u DO decide to contact him, do lemme know if u need to learn some phrases in swedish ;)

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Swede sounds cool.

Send the e-mail!

At 2:12 AM, Blogger jo said...

crashy: you know it's funny 'coz i've never liked it when the guy just gives me his namecard but doesn't even try and ask for my number 'coz frankly if he asked, i'd give it. and uncharacteristically of me, i did text the swedish guy. he seemed friendly but not like totally excited or whatever though it's hard to tell. anyhow i'm just not gonna think too much.

neverhadaboyfriend: do you mean send the email to drummer boy?


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