Tuesday, October 14, 2008

what happened in "vegas"?

there may have been some fuzzy vague blanked-out moments the night of the chivas after party… but i thought i kinda knew what happened. well maybe not.

i met up with my party girl on friday night when she suddenly asked me…

jo’s party girl: who was that guy you were with at the chivas after party?
jo: that was my colleague
jo’s party girl: no no… you said that you just met him or something
jo’s party girl: and i think he told me that he remembers seeing me in *insert name of club that we used to frequent*
*cue to jo being very confused at having no recollection whatsoever of any random guy nor any such conversation ever taking place that night*
jo’s party girl: i think he said his name was *insert a nice normal simple easy-to-remember name*
*cue to jo being even more confused as name does not ring any bells*
jo: oh well… who cares

yeah well but it was still a lil freaky.

so now i’m kinda wondering who the heck did i kiss that night? was it cutie aussie colleague or nice normal simple easy-to-remember name dude who i don’t remember at all? but then again i feel like it was cutie aussie colleague. geez i’m confused. oh well…


that said, cutie aussie colleague is certainly proving to be rather intriguing to me.

other than him being far more attractive than any other colleague i’ve had in a long while, there is just something bout him.

he has this incredible wit and he says his witty comments in a somewhat calm manner with just a hint of amusement to let you know that he is joking. and even when he’s slightly annoyed, he makes comments in a somewhat joking manner that is also laced with a little sarcasm. in fact i was thinking that i should learn some of his lines and use ‘em.

it’s a pity that he will leave in mid december and in fact he will be moving to a makeshift off-site office next week where i will only be joining him there some time next month. i'll definitely miss him and his lunch company. and dang he smells nice...

yep, he definitely intrigues me…

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At 8:55 AM, Blogger Jade said...

Sarcasm, dry wit and he smells good...I'd probably try to take a bite out of him and get arrested.

At 10:11 AM, OpenID neverhadaboyfriend.org said...

"At least he smells nice." That's always a good thing. ;)

At 10:36 AM, Blogger jo said...

jade: hmm i never thought bout taking a bit outta him but now that you mention it... hmm mmm...

neverhadaboyfriend: i don't think i have a keen sense of smell but i love it when a guy smells nice. and it means that i must have been in rather close proximity to that cutie 'coz he's not an overdoser of cologne...


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