Monday, December 22, 2008

gotta love weekends like this

twas a great weekend. i love times like this when i managed to catch up with just bout everyone.

it started out on friday night for dinner and drinks with the boss lady (who i must repeat once again is uber cool and awesome) and an agency that we worked closely with on the project that just ended. that was a lovely chill out time.

and then at 1.30am i went to meet up with my party girl, the yummy mommy and 2 other girlfriends who i've partied with before. i haven't seen my party girl and the yummy mommy in forever and i've missed 'em thoroughly. it was a pretty fun night. i was slightly tipsy but i'm glad that i didn't make out with this random nameless guy friend of my party girl's guy friend (who i know). he was always inching closer and seemed like he was heading in that direction of wanting to kiss me but i always moved away. damn i'm proud of myself haha!

on saturday i met up with my ex classmates for a christmas gift exchange and an overall great time catching up. and then i went out for some chill out drinks with my new party BFF, ms cool cat and a few other girlfriends (some who i've met before including one girl who i hit it off with the first time we met). it wasn't a late night but it was definitely lovely in it's own way.

it's been bout a month since i last heard from the swedish guy much less met up with him. uncharacteristically of me, i texted him last week to find out how he was. he was away overseas but we made plans to meet up.

so on sunday i met up with him for dinner and a movie. it was nice as usual. and we were more teasing and "touchy" than usual what with him poking me in the sides every now and then in response to my teasing him. i guess i'm somehow starting to "warm up" to him.

i've always known that he's someone who likes to try new things but it only just hit me with the realisation that that is what i find to be the most attractive thing bout him. it's just the energy. but it also means that i don't see him "settling down" anytime soon. it's all too early to say bout any possibility of feelings. for now i'm happy to just hang out with him. then again who knows what may or may not happen.



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