Thursday, February 05, 2009

what's the point of going through "old stock"?

i've always been a "late bloomer". i was 17 when i went out on my first "date". it was a guy a year my senior in school. in fact he was the brother of a guy who i just got to know in school that year.

we hung out on/off for the next 2 years so or and then we just lost contact. no big loss. i was starting to find him a lil strange and besides i wasn't ever really interested anyway.

and now, bout a month ago, more than a decade later, he found me on the social utility site. and we started up a bit of a social utility site messaging and subsequently texting kinda thing. and then one day he texted saying that he realised that i was on the online dating site (which of 'coz means that he is as well) and that led into him eventually asking me if i wanted to meet up.

sure why not? i mean i figured it wasn't a big deal though later some friends thought it seemed had he might have a slight ulterior motive for meeting me. maybe he was going through "old stock"? haha!

the meeting up went pretty well. at first it was slightly awkward and then i kinda got more used to it. to me, there was nothing there. even more evidently so than all those years ago. he just seemed gawky. i'm not sure if he was like that all along or maybe i just changed. we talked bout meeting up to play tennis or something. we'll see if that happens. and if we will even continue to be friends who keep in touch.

i've realised a lot of times that the thing with catching up with friends you haven't met in years is that sometimes you realise that other than the history that you share, there isn't really anything in the current to hold you together.


At 10:02 PM, OpenID caterpillar85 said...

isn't it funny how old "friends" are put back into our lives? sometimes its a great thing but sometimes i think it happens just to make us realize what we don't miss!

At 11:42 PM, Blogger jo said...

caterpillar85: haha! "what we don't miss" really says it all.


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