Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the in-betweens of tv time

yesterday was spent at the swedish guy's house. we started off watching a few episodes of a sitcom. that was hilarious. we would pause in between episodes to have a chat. that's one thing we seem to be really good at. chatting with each other.

at some point we wound up lying on his bed chatting. a couple of cuddles but nothing too intimate.

and then we were out on the couch watching dvds again.

and then somehow i have no idea how but we stopped watching and wound up lying down together on the couch. that's where the better part of 4 hours went.

we just talked and exchanged gentle touches. sometimes with him on my right side, and then him on my left side and then him behind me. it was a nice cuddling time. and all the while we never kissed.

i think we both realised we were holding back. there was definitely the attraction and yet we were still wanting to play it safe.

and then we sat up and cuddled as we watched reality tv. it was then that he finally kissed me. and so one hour passed that way.

it was then that we realised we were waaay past dinner time... and maybe into complication...



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