Thursday, January 08, 2009

thanks, but...

in the world of online dating, you might find yourself getting a fair number of winks (at least on the online dating site that i'm on). and frankly even though the supposedly nice thing to do if you're not interested is to tell the other person who has expressed interest that you're not interested, more often than not most would choose to just ignore it.

that's all well and good. i've ignored others and others have ignored me. i'm sure we all leave it as that, no hard feelings whatsoever.

so i must say it's strange and kinda amusing to have received my very first rejection.

*insert guy's online dating site username* received your wink and reviewed your profile, but is not interested.

really? are you serious? why isn't he interested in me??

am i too short, too tall, too thin, too fat, too ugly, too pretty, too young, too old?

is he interested in someone, seeing someone, attached, married, gay?

is it a religion issue, an ethnicity issue, a lifestyle issue, an interests issue, an education issue?

of 'coz i had to know. so i went and checked his profile out again.

and i've come to this conclusion... i think it's an ethnicity issue. afterall i'm not in his preferred ethnic groups.



At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Ecrivian said...

Now that I've seriously waded back into the world of online dating, all I can say is, "Exactly! I know what you mean!"

Like, it's online dating -- the least threatening form of approaching a girl. Why can't the guy just man up and initiate actual contact to see where things may lead?

It's annoying.

At 9:20 PM, Blogger jo said...

ecrivian: so true! but i've realised that most of the guys who do initiate contact so aren't my type. i only seem to get any "success" if i initiate contact first... but even then...


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