Sunday, January 18, 2009

of losing a date and gaining another

liking someone gives 'em the power.

i've definitely realised that since i sorta came to the conclusion that i could possibly like the swedish guy.

i mean i actually invited him for drinks and quiz night at a pub with my colleagues on wednesday. since when have i ever done that? okay i suppose let's not read into that too much... after all he texted me and happened to mention that he would be around the area. and out of some weird thing on my part, i invited him along. i guess i also figured that he would be pretty comfy with my international colleagues.

it went well. and the next day he even texted me and we had a lil joking almost flirty text conversation that made me think ooh maybe he does kinda like me.

and then came today. we were supposed to meet up for mini golf and to finish watching the movie we started on the other time. but since he never confirmed the time and place to meet, i had this nagging feeling that the meet-up wouldn't happen. especially after i learnt that he was going to a private party on saturday night.

it was 3pm when he texted me having just woken up. apparently he still remembered that we were supposed to meet. he asked for a raincheck and suggested that we meet next week instead. well okay i suppose. i mean what can i ask for right? that he should have pre-empted that he might not function with too much alcohol and too lil sleep the night before and just decide to ingest less alcohol and get more sleep? yeah well he isn't me.

i was prepared for an entire day curled up in bed with a book when a guy i got to know from the online dating site IMed me asking if had wanted to have an impromptu dinner. "nothing elaborate" he says. yeah well why not since he was willing to come by near my place and i was feeling a lil disappointed at not meeting the swedish guy that i nearly half wished i could meet the "booty caller" for a makeout session to take my mind outta things.

instead i did the healthier thing... which was to meet this new guy for dinner. we had a massively non elaborate dinner and went for ice cream. dutch.

in general i'm not quite sure what to make of him. he's not unattractive or unintersting per se... but it's just that he's so serious. i kept thinking to myself "why so serious?" save for a few and very far between moments where he seemed to show a slightly more humourous side, for the most part the serious one wasn't laughing or smiling.

i guess that might be hard for me since i'm normally quirky and goofy and love a good laugh.

anyhow i can't help but realise that first dates tend to remind me of drummer boy. not that we had a such a memorable, roaring good first date. i mean it was definitely a good first date then but well i've had other good first dates too. no, it's being reminded of what happened after the first date with drummer boy. where essentially he contacted me every day since. it's the follow up that i miss. and oh boy do i miss that.

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At 8:15 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

Serious? Sometimes it take a meeting or two to breakdown a bit, possibility.

At 7:39 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Ugh...I'm so sick of first dates! And I've met serious men too...they tend to bore me. Like you, I like to be silly and laugh and joke!

At 11:57 AM, Blogger jo said...

scotty: yeah i'm allowing the fact that perhaps some people need more time to "warm up". i guess if opportunity strikes and he asks again, i'd go.

saneandsingle: now that i think bout it, i'm not sure if it was a first date. i mean we went dutch. who goes dutch on the first date? and yeah i'm silly goose so i get stressed when people are too serious and don't laugh.


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