Wednesday, August 19, 2009

they say keep your friends close but your enemies closer...

... not that i think of the "other woman" as an enemy... if anything, i genuinely think we could be friends.

but even then it was perhaps a lil strange that in the last few days since she added me on the online social utility site, we have been leaving lil posts and messages for each other.

i like her. i really do. but i wonder if i like her enough to not be bothered bout the issue. and it seems like she's taking an effort to actually befriend me and if the lil posts and messages are any way to tell, not just as her good friend cum ex's girlfriend either.

if her "plan" was to get me on her side so that i wouldn't feel as bothered bout how close a friendship she and the alpha boy has, then i think it might be working a lil. i'm still not entirely sure how bothered or unbothered i feel. but yeah, truth is, i really do like her.



At 3:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with that one...

In my experience as being the "other woman", they always have a hidden agenda. Whether it's because they don't think you're good enough for their ex or because they are secretly still in love with the ex.

Be careful...

At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well,ive been following your posts enough to say there's nothing wrong with being friends with "her",but it cant hurt to sleep with one eye open!a very wise man once said,there is no such thing as a platonic relationship.whether that's true or not is up for debate.but just the same,be careful...

At 2:05 PM, Blogger jo said...

thanks ladies for the advice :) at this point i really do believe that they are truly platonic. sure, it's just a bit weird 'coz they were together before. but that was like 7 years ago and neither has looked back since. but yeah i'd keep a watchout and re-evaluate my feelings bout this every now and then. i suppose if she and i were friends, it would help me feel a lil more at ease?

At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust your gut. You do not have to think about what you should be feeling.
If she is normal and there is just a freindship than you can tell... but if you don't trust her than dont worry about changing your feelings. Let her earn the trust.

Plus you don't have to tell the alpha boy or the Ex that are now fine with everything, just don't act crazy about it.

Don't you just wish that there was such thing as complete honesty! But then again if that was the case I might not have any good friends... I mean who wants to know that I do think that I am smarter than them...

At 2:39 AM, Blogger jo said...

a0m0y7: that's some pretty good advice there. thanks!! yeah i think sometimes i wonder more bout how i should be feeling as opposed to how i AM feeling. and in the case of the alpha boy, he's so different from most other guys that everything is just different altogether.

complete honesty would be dangerous! it's kinda like being able to read each other's minds. not a good thing haha!

At 7:46 PM, Blogger You Make My Date said...

I agree with the others - definitely don't let either alpha boy or the girl know if you are at all dubious about her and her sudden interest in you.

My ex's new girlfriend was not happy at him for hanging out with me, despite the fact that there was absolutely nothing going on. Last time he asked me out for coffee, he felt he had to lie to her about it, which I detested. We couldn't even sit in the cafe near the traffic lights in case she drove past!

I think he might be over-cautious that she's sensitive about me, just because she raised it once. So unless you have some serious qualms, best to leave it be, and just observe for now!

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