Tuesday, September 29, 2009

virtually official

it's one thing to be in a relationship but somehow strangely another thing to declare to everyone that you're in a relationship.

when we first got together, the alpha boy decided pretty early on to "stake his claim" by sending me a lil relationship request via the online social utility site. i was still adjusting to this whole "in a relationship" status that i just wasn't ready to announce it to, what i deemed as, the world at large.

bout 2 months later, he unrequested his initial relationship request citing reasons that with the increasing amount of work-related people in his list of "friends", he wanted to keep the amount of information available to a minimum.

and we carried on our usual way.

fast forward to now. this morning as i logged into my online social utility page, i was greeted with that all too familiar relationship request. since i've had over 5 months to get used to this, i confirmed it immediately without feeling too anxious. however i couldn't resist asking the alpha boy bout his sudden change of heart again... he didn't let on anything but my suspicions was that it occured to him once more 'coz of a recent change in relationship status published by his business partner/friend.

i guess by right virtual life shouldn't really matter, it's real life that matters. but somehow in this day and age, it might only be natural that virtual life also takes on a fairly important role.

so yes, it almost feels like the alpha boy and i are official all over again. virtually.



At 2:05 PM, Blogger You Make My Date said...

Yay, I'm thrilled for you! :D

I remember when I broke it off with Lee, he immediately un-relationshiped me on facebook before I had a chance to (or even thought about it).

And it seriously hurt! But maybe he was giving me a taste of what it felt like to be dumped.
(Note to self: when breaking up with someone face to face, do it simultaneously on facebook...that's what iPhones are for I guess!)

At 7:07 PM, Blogger jo said...

you make my date: yeah man for some strange reason this relationship status thing on facebook can add to a certain amount of stress. and yes next time when breaking up with someone face to face, make sure you unrelationship the person before he gets the chance!

At 12:44 AM, Blogger Dater at Large said...

I have a strict "no FB relationship status" scene, myself, and I'm not planning to even friend my potential mates there for awhile. At least not while I'm blogging about them :-)


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